Testimonials III

Fertility problems.

After several years of trying to get pregnant, Dr. Reddy started adjusting me. Five months later I was pregnant! With continued care I was able to maintain the pregnancy and gave birth to a wonderful baby girl who since her second day of life has been a patient.

On a side note, I’ve sprained my ankle several times. Dr. Reddy has adjusted the ankle rather than going to the ER. I’ve walked out of the office each time! Dr. Reddy continues to check my ankle and keep them adjusted to prevent further injury.

Now? My daughter is fifteen years old!


Eliot, Maine

Trouble sleeping, head aches ,and allergies.

Back pain. I had back pain for seven years and heard Chiropractic might help.– It did and four years later I now come once a week. An added benefit has been that my allergies are much better and headaches are non existent and I sleep much better. Dr. Bill is the Best!


Dover, New Hampshire

Burning sensation, low back and neck pain.

Dear Dr. Bill,

Prior to coming here, (since July of 2008) I had experienced lower back and neck pain for ten years. Since coming to you the relief is unbelievable. The burning between my shoulders is gone along with my neck “thickness” and pain.

Rachel T.

Rochester, New Hampshire