Foot and ankle problems-Pro Athlete.

I came to Dr. Bill in September with foot pain. The heel of my right foot was injured in July 07. No running for nine weeks. Dr. Bill took a look at my back, hips, and alignment of my spine. My foot was out of place. Dr. Bill adjusted my foot. I immediately was able to run without pain. After three visits- no problems, no pain, and I’m back training and racing… and WINNING!!

Mary Miller: Professional Triathlete

Eliot, Maine/ Boulder, Colorado

Sore throat, neck and low back pain ,and lower extremity problems.

I went to see Dr. Reddy because of neck and back pain that was getting worse. After a few adjustments both felt much better. An added bonus is, I would frequently have a persistent mild sore throat. As soon as he adjusted my neck a certain way it went away completely. He has also helped me with other things that have bothered me from all the running I do, from knees out of alignment to feet , ankles, and hips out of there proper spots. He can adjust them too. I have been very pleased with Dr. Bill and the help he has given me.

Bret P.

Sanbornville, New Hampshire

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